Our goal is to improve governance to be fair and effective. Our ultimate objective is to create a vast network of innovative Zones across the world and provide them services to become a dominant force for good governance, with Nuhanse Network as the hub.
Without a solid framework for governance, volatile environments are prone to corruption and lowered standards of living. No matter how an innovative Zone is approached, even one mistake may doom the entire project. Nuhanse Network is the only firm of its kind to have the experience and expertise needed to avoid costly errors.


Our team is made up of the best and brightest from all over the world. Every member is committed to excellence — they are the reason Nuhanse Network is a cut above the rest.


Chief Executive Officer
Joseph McKinney launched his career in electoral politics by participating in local, state and national political campaigns. In 2014, Joseph entered the blockchain space and was shortly thereafter introduced to key leaders in the Zone development sector.
In 2015, Joseph founded the Startup Societies Foundation, a nonprofit Zone policy think tank. Under his leadership, SSF hosted over 100 speakers at dozens of sold-out conferences. He now serves as CEO of Nuhanse Network and is currently writing his first book on innovative Zones.


Bradley has over a decade of experience in business development and is an expert advisor in the distributed ledger space, specializing in sensitive project management. His work has been covered by the Guardian, Forbes, Bitcoin Talk and other publications worldwide.
Bradley currently serves as Nuhanse Network’s COO, occasionally doubling as a Lead Smart Contract Architect and technical project manager.


Wil has been a contract software engineer for over 23 years. Over the course of his career, his work has focused around development of artificial intelligence, distributed ledger application and evaluative technologies.
Wil's work was instrumental in the 2004 development of the Mozaex entertainment server, which went on to garner over $30 million in sales and is still sold in 25 countries today. As Nuhanse Network's CTO, he and his team ensure all projects are completed as efficiently as possible with only the latest tools.

Brad Chin

Brad strengthens businesses and brands from the shadows. He started his career as a strategist at 17 by cutting $250,000 of redundancies and eliminating $150,000 in unnecessary hardware and software costs in his first year at an insurance company while redesigning/rebranding large carrier products. After several years, he migrated to growing mid-size businesses through marketing, optics and product development.
Brad now serves as Nuhanse Network’s CMO, where he and his team manage outreach campaigns for high profile clients and coordinate strategic market penetration efforts.


Andy initially began his career as an entertainment contractor for Fortune 500 companies including Salesforce, Nordstrom and Intuit. Around 2012, he switched paths to public safety and eventually served the San Francisco Community College District Police Department as a patrol officer, where he also designed promotional materials for agency use.
As Nuhanse Network’s recently-promoted Director of Communications, Andy works directly with the CMO overseeing public outreach campaigns and strategies, coordinating web design, graphics and other marketing efforts.


Nuhanse Network is headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, however our team is anything but landlocked.
Our guiding principles and ideas have no bounds and recognize no borders. We are united by our visions of freedom and independence.